Soft Power

Strengths of our Factory: HTG EQUIPMENT has attracted lots of talents, senior engineers with professor titles, first-class registered constructors , first-class registered structural engineers, first-class registered cost engineer,  registered architect, American CWI engineer, EN TWI engineer, EN IWE welding engineer, American NACE painting engineer and various technicians with senior and medium professional titles. The total nos of these all kinds of engineer and technicians reaches to 156, which is 15% of total company employees, who all are working on structural design, connection design, value engineering,
shop drawing, simulating analysis of construction, BIM modeling with AISC, EN, AS, JIS and GB.

HTG EQUIPMENT owns 16 TEKLA professional designers, by applying computer work station, they make the model for steel structure items assembling, define the assembly dimension and inspect the connection status of each joint in three-dimensional way through difference perspectives, which has optimized the design for realizing 100% successful bolt installation, greatly enhancing working efficiency.

HTG EQUIPMENT owns 15 professional STAAD-Pro designers. As for secondary design and partition treatment of drawings, HTG EQUIPMENT design team applies STAAD-Pro together with Ram Connection module to optimize joint design to establish scientific and reasonable assembly design scheme.

Design Software : HTG EQUIPMENT uses a series of advanced computation, analysis, design software, and dwgs detailing& mapping software, it including American SAP2000, American STAAD-Pro connection calculation software, Korean Midas gen software of finite element analysis, PKPM, 3D3S, Finland Xsteel, and AUTOCAD, etc.
HTG EQUIPMENT use computer workstation to Build 3D model, optimize the design scheme, which increase the product accuracy and material use ratio effectively.

Design Capabilities: High-rise & skyscraper steel structure design, the elastoplasticity time-history analysis, pushover analysis, complex space structure design, ultimate bearing capacity analysis, elastoplasticity yield analysis and other computation analysis capabilities.

Welding Technology Research Institute: Corporation consists of a research office and a welder training center. As the specialized division for the research of pioneering technologies regarding various types of metal welding, the office is capable of assessing new building materials welding arts and the scientific and research projects of welding. The Welder Training Center is eligible for issuing the qualification certificate of construction welding technology test. The trainers in the Center have diverse certificates including the trainer certificate issued by the state employment training technical instruction center and the senior technician certificate of electric welding. The Center takes charge of technical training and welding examination certificate issuance regarding the manual electric arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded arc welding and other projects.

R&D Cooperation: HTG EQUIPMENT has established sound cooperative relations with many high educational institutions, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. Every year, different kinds of events and academic exchanges are held with the assistance of universities, industrial associations, academies of design and research and so on.

soft power
soft power
Datang Sanmenxia Absorption Tower
Zambia Booster Station
Brazil Steel Coal Hopper (one hopper has 4 opening, the opening is eccentric )
Oman Gas Fired Power Station-Comprehensive Pipe Support
Turbine Building of Pakistan Kasim 2x660MW Coal Fired Plant
Morocco 6# Coal Belt Conveyor Gallery
Pakistan Kasim Project-3# Transfer Station
Roof Truss for Shouguang Project
Zhonggang Xiangluowan Mansion (25M underground, 354M overground)
Namibia Mining Machinery
Front Flue Duct of Dust Remover
Steam Generating Station, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia