Quality Control

Scope of Testing: the Corporation is eligible to conduct comprehensive test over a series of products regarding the purchase of raw materials, the processing and production and the construction and erection in the steel structure industry. The testing capacity involves the national standards of China, Japan, Europe and the USA.

ERP System and Whole Production Route Traceability System
We have ordered the production ERP system as per its own characteristic, to realize the principle of each component only has one marking.
We realizes Raw Material Traceability System by sticking bar code on raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and products ready for delivery, establishing systematic database procedures and scanning bar code database through code scanner.
Since the raw material passed the entry inspection and entered the plant, from cutting to painting and then to packing& delivery, the bar code will be transferred and pasted for four times for each part.

Half Product Bar Code Retrospection
Raw Material Bar Code Retrospection
Finished Product Bar Code Retrospection
Non-destructive Flaw Detector